What an eventful day today!

My best friend’s friend, Winnie flew all the way here from Shanghai and she drove down to my area to visit Huntington Beach. And we also brought along the new friend I made on the cruise to visit the beach as well. It was a really nice and productive day since we had fish tacos and ice cream after. And the best part was that I got to run into one of my friends  I had made in high school at a local tea place. We exchanged numbers because she’s leaving to DC next week and we’re going to be hanging out this upcoming Monday.

Tomorrow is going to be packed with work and then LA right after. I promised Winnie to take her to all of the places she wanted to visit in LA since she’s leaving back to Shanghai on Friday. I wish I could bring my cruise friend along, but she’s leaving back to Texas in the evening..

I am so glad to be back. Don’t get me wrong, the cruise was fun, but I just miss the comfort of my own home and just being in my own bed.

So..I bet you’re curious about my cruise trip. Did I make any new friends? Did I meet a guy? Did I fall in love with another cruise-goer? I guess I will tell you now since I am not sleepy yet.

1. The first thing I did when I boarded the cruise was make my way to the buffet on the 10th deck because who doesn’t want to start off any vacation without some good food in their belly? 

2. Then I went to my room and changed into my bikini and brought a book out to the 9th deck, a secret deck for ages 21+. You’d think I meet people closer to my age on this deck, but everyone must have been over 40.

3. Spent the first night wandering the cruise alone with a drink in hand because I failed to make friends. I tried to watch a show, but it wasn’t my kind of humor so I quickly left and went to bed early because I was actually exhausted.

4. I went for a morning jog on the jogging track on the 12th deck the day after. Then I worked out at the gym downstairs for about an hour. Afterwards, my parents and I spent about 2 hours wandering the streets of Ensenada. It was fun and very tourist-like of us to take a bunch of photos and have tacos with Margaritas.

5. So I became friends with the cute towel boy by this point of the day. He was very patient with me even though I was a dummy for not knowing my way to the restroom.

6. Had a fancy lobster dinner with my parents at the end of the night. The food coma was starting settle, so I bought myself another drink and wandered around the top deck cruise to star gaze.

7. Last full day on the cruise I woke up late for once and ate steak and eggs for brunch. The pool deck was especially crowded, but I managed to find my way to the secret deck which was also packed.

8. I was glad to see my only friend again. We had another conversation as he handed me a clean towel and I guess that was the last time I ever saw him again. I spent the rest of the day tanning while reading more of my book and feeling a little sad that I never got to say goodbye or exchange numbers with him.

9. So I dragged myself to shower and attend the Harry Potter Trivia. Fortunately, a sweet girl sat beside me and we started talking. We immediately became friends for the rest of the final day. So we basically went on the water slide together and hung out in the jacuzzi.

10. I had the chance to say good-bye to my friend and exchange numbers with her the morning we had to leave (today). She’s leaving back to Texas on Wednesday, but I’m taking her out tomorrow.

That is the end.

Incredibly sad and boring, isn’t it?

I’ve only made 2 friends on this entire trip and spent the whole time alone or with my parents. I’m also pretty sure I’ve gained a pound or two from eating so much steak and lobster.